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The Estate

The Winery Mauss is a traditional but also innovative family enterprise with 8ha of vineyards in the famous wine growing area „Kamptal“ (70km west of Vienna).
The Kamptal is a sunny valley along the river Kamp extending from Castle Rosenburg to Castle Grafenegg.

The vines grow in the climatic tension which is created by the cooling Waldviertel in the north and the vicinity of the rivers Kamp and Danube with their capacity of storing the warmth. On clay and loess soil grows wine which speaks for itself.

At harvesting time we often welcome guests from all over the world who like to join us for this special time of the year. This social aspect of wine is appreciated very much.

The Grüner Veltliner is one of the classic wines in our region. 40% of our vineyard area is reserved for the Grüner Veltliner, which is an important cornerstone of our production. It`s a fresh, spicy and fruity Kabinett which accompanies your meals.

Besides the dry whites there is a respectable range of red and some sweet speciality.

Over the course of time the estate has enlarged the range of varieties to different red wines as there are the Cabernet Sauvignon, Blauer Portugieser, Zweigelt and above all the St. Laurent.

The St. Laurent, matured in oak barrels, with their dense, strong and full-bodied characteristics is the speciality of our house.

Whether produced in stainless steel tanks or aged in oak barrels — international and national awards testify to the high quality.

Absolute quality for the wine produced in our estate is our first goal.

What brings us together with our guests is the excitement of discovering something new and taking pleasure in fine things and enjoying both.

We like to enjoy a good glass with wine-loving friends from all over the world — we are very proud of our open house.

Enjoying — that`s taking your time, meeting the wine with all your senses Starting with the gentle chink of the wine glass, looking through the sparkling gold-yellow or deep velvet, smelling the richness of fruit and the promising bouquet Take a sip and experience the taste in all its facettes.

We would be delighted if you liked to be our guests and enjoy the wines from our estate!